DJ Cathy’s Keep Calm and Visit Mombasa, Kenya Campaign on Indiegogo!

DJ Cathy’s Keep Calm and Visit Mombasa, Kenya Campaign on Indiegogo!


Dj CathyDj Cathy is someone who is passionate about music and bringing people together through music. She is also very passionate about her Country Kenya, promoting small enterprises, promoting Tourism and LOVE’s animals.

Dj Cathy and her team would like to launch a bi-annual event at a 4* Resort in Mombasa to encourage visitors to Kenya from all over the World to come out and promote tourism, promote the work of the KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Care and Protection of Animals) – Mombasa Branch and promote local communities , small scale enterprises and resorts in the town of Mombasa, Kenya.


The Kenyan Economy relies significantly  on Tourism and recently with all the travel advisories and terror threats; has caused many hotels at the Kenyan Coast to either close down or down size their staffing. As a result, many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

Having an event like this will boost the surrounding community as she plans on working with small businesses and enterprises at the Kenyan Coast to make this happen. Since the decrease of tourism,they have all experienced a steep decline in earnings which does effect the Kenyan economy as a whole.

 KSPCA Dj Cathy is also raising funds for a charity – KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Care and Protection of Animals) – Mombasa Branch KSPCA Mombasa branch have been relying on Hotel leftovers to feed their animals, however the decrease in tourism has meant that hotels do not have any spare food to give out and now the KSPCA Mombasa branch are forced to buy their food,which is extremely costly and they are urgently in need of funds to continue their day to day operations.


Keep Calm

Dj Cathy’s Campaign focuses on not only  giving back to her community, but to also have fun doing it! She has approached a number of organizations in Kenya but so far has had no luck with raising funds for this event.

DJ Cathy loves her country and wants to do her very best to bring more visitors to Kenya so that hotels remain open and the staff working at these hotels do not have to loose their livelihoods to circumstances that are beyond their control. This in turn will enable the KSPCA Mombasa branch to get food from hotels, as they have done for years, to feed the animals they rescue and care for.

DJ Cathy would also like to help the KSPCA Mombasa Branch to safe keep, rescue and protect animals and hopefully change the community mindset on domesticated animals. So far, there is a lot of focus on our wildlife, however DJ Cathy believes that charity begins at home, and in order for local communities to appreciate and respect wildlife, they would first need to respect and care for domesticated animals to name a few cats, dogs, donkeys, rabbits and many more! Small scale enterprises down at the Kenyan Coast are also suffering as the reduction in tourism has meant that they are not able to sell their merchandise and thus have found it difficult to make ends meet and support their families. With this event, DJ Cathy will be working with the severy enterprises to make this event happen, which will in turn improve livelihoods and the flow of money into the Kenyan Economy.

Please help make DJ Cathy’s dream come true by contributing Here no matter how small your contribution is, it will be put to good use and you will be able to see the value and impact it will have on the people she would like to help! It will be the hottest international event and one that DJ Cathy and her team is looking forward to entertaining you, your families, friends, supporters and fans all over the World! All for a very cause! The campaign will run till midnight on 09 November, 2014, so please help in anyway you can! Together we can all promote tourism, promote the care & protection of animals, promote the small business community and get the Kenyan Coast to be as popular as it was 10 years ago!

FULLcampaigndetailscanbefound Here!!


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