AFS208onMWR: The Afro-Fusion Show

The Afro-Fusion Show

AFS208onMWR: The Afro-Fusion Show

Rumba Mélodie.

Welcome, and you’re tuned in to the Afro-Fusion show on Mawalking Radio, streaming to you live from Mawalking Radio studios. The show is hosted by Deejay Brendan the “Rumba King”, a.k.a @brendothesibuor.

This episode features a smooth collection of Congolese Rumba tracks assembled by the Deejay, setting the mood for a quiet and serenading evening at home. If you love Rhumba, you will want to listen to the show.

For the new listeners, this very entertaining show is not a one off. Be sure to tune in every Friday from 7PM – 10PM EST, to catch the Afro-Fusion Show Live. You will like what you hear