AFS226onMWR: The Afro-Fusion Show.

The Afro-Fusion Show

AFS226onMWR: The Afro-Fusion Show.

Rumba Tranquille

Welcome to the Afro-Fusion Show, a musical odyssey that transcends borders and immerses you in the vibrant beats of #Rumba and #Soukous. Streaming live from the heart of Rumba music at Mawalking Radio Studios, this show is your passport to an unforgettable experience, guided by the talented Deejay Brendan, also known as @brendothesibuor.

The Rhythmic Hub at Mawalking Radio Studios

At the pulsating center of Rumba music, Mawalking Radio Studios serves as the backdrop for the Afro-Fusion Show. Join us as we explore the rich and diverse sounds of Afro-Fusion, a genre that fuses traditional rhythms with contemporary vibes, creating a musical tapestry that resonates with the soul.

Meet Your Host – Deejay Brendan

Your musical journey is expertly curated by the incomparable Deejay Brendan. Known as @brendothesibuor, he brings his unique flair and passion for African music to the airwaves. With a finger on the pulse of Rumba and Soukous, Deejay Brendan promises an electrifying experience every Friday from 8 pm to 10 pm EST.

A Melodic Lineup

The Afro-Fusion Show showcases the best of Rumba and Soukous music, featuring iconic artists such as Elba Top, Beniko, Nyboma,Maud Elka, Javan MacAjudo, Cappuchinno Lbg and many more. Immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms and soulful melodies that define the essence of African music.

Tune In and Groove With Us

Make your Fridays unforgettable by tuning in to the Afro-Fusion episode live on Mawalking Radio. From 8 pm to 10 pm EST, let the music transport you to the heart of the rhythm. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of Afro-Fusion – a celebration of the vibrant and diverse sounds of Africa.

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Tune in and let the Afro-Fusion rhythms transport you to the heart of African music!

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