Announcing La Balaa


Announcing La Balaa

By Emmanuel Muema

The Long Journey Back to His Passion.

La Balaa is a Mombasa based rapper. He is a member of the infamous hip hop duo Wakamba Wawili

la-balaaWhat most of you might not be aware of about him, is that he is successfully crowning off his third year of sobriety. His music career came to a grinding halt due to his alcohol and substance abuse.

This drug addiction really took a massive toll on his music career. He decisively took matters into his hands, admitted that his life was headed in the wrong direction. He undoubtedly realized it was time to turn over a new leaf and eventually sought professional help at a rehabilitation center.

“The essence of faith is fewness of words and abundance of deeds. I took a step when all seemed lost for me and I am grateful for that step. It was a great turning point for me. Now, I want to spread the awareness, just in a bid to help someone else who might be in the same fix I was in three years ago.” said the rapper.

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