TSS183onMWR : It’s the Tembosounds Show

TemboSoundsRadio Show

TSS183onMWR : It’s the Tembosounds Show

A Voyage Into Urban Sounds.

It’s yet another entertaining series of the Tembsounds show on Mawalking Radio, hosted by Dj Osi streaming to you live from Pittsburgh, PA.

In what has become Dj Osi’s eclectic mixing style and taste of music, he kicks off with some Smooth Soul and then glides onto some Hip Hop Music, before crossing over into some African Beats.As you begin to think he has settled down on that genre, he blends in some Smooth Reggae Music and Dancehall Music tunes, accompanied by some Reggaeton Music but not forgetting a taste of Top 40 Music.

He does this every Friday from 6pm-8pm E.S.T right here on Mawalking Radio.

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